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Annual Prevention and Performance Screen

Historically, most people who decide to go to physical therapy are feeling pain or recovering from surgery. Today, more patients are learning more about PT as a wellness tool beyond relief from chronic pain and rehab from surgery. As life expectancies increase, many people are focused on the prevention of injury in order to maintain active, productive lifestyles. Just as routine visits to the dentist is important for dental hygiene, regular visits to a physical therapist can help you stay injury free. At Therapydia, we offer Annual Prevention and Performance Screen to help you benchmark your musculoskeletal health. By tracking changes over time, we can pinpoint potential injuries and areas to improve for performance.

During your Annual Prevention and Performance Screen, we will take a look at multiple factors including:

Strength • Flexibility • Power • Balance • Mobility • Agility

Based on your results, you will receive an overall Wellness Score. This will act as the baseline from which we will measure you against each year. We look forward to helping you stay strong and injury free.


Group Pricing

We offer a 15% discount on any of the above assessments for groups of 5 or more. This special pricing is perfect for corporate wellness programs, athletic teams and assisted living homes. For groups, we may also be able to provide on-site services.

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