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Josh did a great job treating me for a foot and calf-related injury. He did a great job explaining his treatment plan and was able to get me relief and on the road to recovery very quickly.

Casey took an aggressive approach with therapy on my ankle addressing a completely torn ligament and a split tendon. I progressed quickly with only one small setback and wanted to be able to downhill ski before the season was over. I was able to cross country ski and downhill ski and I’m very happy with the outcome. I’ve been running, skiing, biking and heading off this week to Peru and will be hiking Machu Picchu!

Casey was very thorough and great at explaining what was going on with my body to me. I found him to be extremely professional and warm and approachable at the same time. I have and will continue to recommend people to see Casey he is great at his a great PT.

Recovering From Calf Strains or Tears

Your calf is made up of multiple muscles that work together to help your toes, knee and foot move in various directions. The main two directions your calf muscles work to produce are downward and upward motions.


Calf strains and tears occurs when there’s overstretching of muscles or tearing or when a muscle is “pulled”. Calf injuries commonly occur during high speed movements such as running or jumping, but calf injuries can develop over time. If your calf muscles tend to be tight, they may be more susceptible to strains.


Signs & Symptoms

    • Symptoms of a calf strain can vary depending on the location of the injury, but most people feel pain in the back of their lower leg and the point of injury is tender upon touch. A calf injury is graded from a 1 to 3 scale, with 1 being the less severe.

Grade 1: Calf Strain with minor tears

    • • Tender at point of injury
    • • Muscle tightness

Grade 2: Calf Strain with severe tears

    • • Walking gait is affected
    • • Sharp pain in back of leg
    • • Muscle spasms

Grade 3: Calf Tear

    • • Walking is difficult if not impossible
    • • Bruising
    • • Swelling
    • • Popping felt or heard when injury occurred
    • Sharp pain when moving ankle or knee

Why PT?

    Your physical therapist will determine the grade of your calf injury and work with you to develop a custom treatment plan to meet your needs and goals. To provide an accurate diagnosis, our physical therapists will use hands-on techniques to determine specific location of injury.

    • Manual therapy to massage calf area, increase muscle flexibility and reduce any swelling
    • Custom exercises to muscle region and restore muscle strength in strained muscle.
    • Run/gait analysis to improve form and prevent future injuries.

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