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Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy started in ancient China and is used today as a treatment to decrease muscle pain and improve mobility. Cupping utilizes silicone or plastic cups and/or a vacuum pistol to suction the skin and increase blood flow to a specific area. The cups can be left in one position or moved over the skin to manipulate underlying tissues. Although prolonged pressure can create the bruising effect, not all cupping treatment will leave these marks. If you do get marks, they are temporary and will subside in a couple of days depending on the intensity of the markings.

Reduce Your Recovery Time With Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy can be used for aches, pains and muscle recovery. The suction produces tensile stress on both the skin and underlying tissue altering pain thresholds. The applied suction promotes blood flow to the area. This increase in blood flow brings more oxygen to the tissue, triggering the body to flush out toxins in the suctioned area. In addition, the increased blood flow allows for the area to reduce the time it takes for the tissues to heal. One of the main benefits of cupping therapy is its ability to promote tissue healing as a non-invasive treatment. Due to cupping’s ability to promote healing of the body, it allows you to go the distance without the long recovery times.

Improve Mobility With Cupping Therapy

Adhesions, or scar tissue, can occur after a traumatic injury as a muscle response to guard the injured area from prolonged pain. Cupping can be a very effective method of improving mobility in muscle and other soft tissue structures by breaking up adhesions that can cause someone to feel pain and/or tightness in certain areas. Cupping can also promote fluid or swelling drainage that can restrict mobility, cause pain, or inhibit muscle function.

At Therapydia, we utilize a dry cupping technique as part of our patient’s customized physical therapy program in to complement specific exercises prescribed for our patients. Contact us to schedule your cupping therapy appointment today!

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