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Thank you Casey for a speedy recovery after ACL surgery. This was my second ACL injury on the same knee, however my recovery this time was so much better. Casey and I talked about my goals and what I wanted to get back to before we started rehab for my knee. He knew volleyball, running and hiking were big goals of mine. I had surgery in Oct’14 and started working with Casey soon after. By Jan’15 I was starting the couch to 5K program. Thanks so much Casey for a great recovery!“

– Tracy H.

Therapydia has not only helped me rehabilitate my knee, but has also changed my view of physical therapy. I looked forward to each appointment rather than dreading it and seeing it as a hassle. Also, my knee improved drastically and a lot quicker than I expected. I would definitely recommend seeing Josh and Casey to close friends or family!

– Greg D.

Love, love, love the work that Josh has done to help me with my arthritic knee. I can now lead a normal life with very little pain. He is very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the treatment he is recommending for you.

– Sharon R.

What’s Causing Your Hamstring Pain?

Your hamstring is made up of 4 muscles that run along the back of your thigh. When these muscles get overloaded or overstretched, you will experience a sharp pain down the back of your leg. Hamstring injuries are graded on a 1-3 scale, with 3 being the most severe and may require surgery. How you pulled your hamstring muscle will play a role in your recovery time. The main purpose of your hamstring is to allow you to bend your knee. The most common hamstring injury occurs when your hamstring is lengthened – or stretched – as it absorbs impact when your foot hits the ground.

Re-injured hamstrings typically take longer to heal; NFL players with recurrent hamstring injuries need 2.5x longer recovery time than first-time injuries. Addressing hamstring injuries along with a proper return-to-activity program has shown to improve outcomes and prevent future injuries and permanent muscle dysfunction.

Note, your sciatic nerve runs from your low back through your hamstring area. Sometimes, a low back injury will cause hamstring strain or pull symptoms. A physical therapist can pinpoint the exact cause of your hamstring pain and create a custom treatment program.

Signs & Symptoms

    • You are more likely to experience a hamstring injury if you don’t properly warm up, have muscle imbalance between the front of your thighs (quadriceps) causing it to tighten your hamstrings, or have weak glutes that cause hamstrings to be overloaded.
    If you have a hamstring strain, you will experience:

    • Sudden pain along back of thigh with a snapping or popping feeling
    • Pain when bearing weight on injuries leg
    • Pain when straightening leg
    • Tenderness
    • Bruising

Why Physical Therapy

    During your first visit, your physical therapist will do a full examination of your low back, legs, hips, and knees to pinpoint potential causes of hamstring pain.

    • Manual therapy: Hands-on techniques to remove restrictions and improve range of motion. Myofascial release to hamstring muscles and quads.
    • Custom exercises: Strengthening and mobility exercises to protect against re-injuring hamstring.
    • Sports-specific movement analysis: Retrain your movement patterns during your sport such as running form. Overstriding puts hamstrings in vulnerable position upon ground contact.

About Therapydia Denver

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At Therapydia Denver, our physical therapists offer one-on-one, hands-on hamstring treatment. You’ll spend your entire with one of our expert therapists – we won’t hand you off to a PT assistant or aide. With our manual therapy techniques and custom exercise programs, we’ll help you strengthen your hip musculature and correct your mechanics to get rid of your hamstring pain. We’ll help you understand what’s causing your pain, what you can do to relieve your pain and ways to prevent reoccurring injuries.
Best of all, you’re covered. Therapydia works with and provides billing for most insurance groups and Medicare. We also accept cash payments.

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