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Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to help patients move painlessly and efficiently. At Therapydia our physical therapists will work with you one-on-one to relieve pain and enhance your performance. While many of our patients come to us after a surgery or injury, we also offer preventative care to patients which studies have shown can decrease the probability of an injury. Our goal at Therapydia is to focus on you with individual and undivided attention from our physical therapists and provide you with one-on-one care to help you reach your goals. Start your path to wellness today.

What To Expect During Physical Therapy At Therapydia

The first step is an initial evaluation where our physical therapist will talk with you to learn about your needs. They will then conduct a comprehensive functional assessment, which may include using high speed video in order to gather data about your range and motion. That objective data is used to look into your area of pain and how the surrounding areas may affect your condition. In addition, you will usually receive some form of treatment in order to reduce your pain or increase your range of motion. This first visit will provide you and your physical therapist a clear understanding of your condition so our physical therapist can create a custom recovery program that will help you meet your needs and goals.

In order to make physical therapy easier for the patient, especially at-home exercise, we believe in educating our patients throughout their entire treatment to ensure they have a clear understanding of their diagnosis. Our programs are built off of patient feedback–our programs will evolve with you. At the end of every visit, we want you to walk out feeling better. Our therapists are trained in a variety of assessment and treatment techniques including Dry Needling, FMS (Functional Movement Screen), Australian techniques such as Gary Gray, McKenzie, Graston, IPA, and movement-based techniques such as yoga and TRX.

The Therapydia Difference

• One-on-one treatments with a physical therapist
Hands-on manual therapy
• Latest technology and techniques

Lifetime Wellness

After you reach your physical therapy goals, our clinics offer wellness programs such as annual performance assessments and run programs in order to prevent injury and improve wellness. As your Lifetime Wellness Provider, Therapydia physical therapists understand your medical history and can craft a custom training program for you to develop your muscle strength, endurance and power.

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